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We recruit IT, Tech and Business Support people with diverse skills and backgrounds for innovative Companies, Entrepreneurs and SMEs

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Executive Assistant recruitment

IT, Tech and Business Support Professionals are vital to the business

We have experienced first hand how much the IT, Tech and Business Support sectors have evolved. We understand the need to attract, recruit and retain people with different experiences, backgrounds and capabilities including people from under represented groups to ensure you remain successful is more important than ever

We are taking an innovative, more personalised approach to the way we recruit. We have widen our pool, and challenge ourselves to find people that are not actively looking for roles, areas and people who are often overlooked. We also assess personality, skills, capabilities, experience as well as attitude are an important part of ensuring you have the best-suited and most talented person for the role.

Our approach

How it works


Understanding your needs

Our collaboration begins with an in-depth consultation with the hiring manager to ensure we understand clearly your requirements and needs clearly. A site visit is also invaluable to help us understand how your organisation works, its culture and people.


The process

Building relationships and rapport that includes trust and respect is extremely important to us. We screen all candidates to ensure compatibility from a skill set, education if relevant as well as personality and aspirations.


Finding the perfect match

We understand the importance and value the right people bring to an organisation or an entrepreneur. We will only short-list the best-suited candidates. Each will be assessed on: technical capabilities, soft and hard skills, strengths, characteristics as well as their cultural fit.

Fee model

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We work on a contingency fee which is based on the first 12 months remuneration.

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