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The PA Career Planning Process

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Posted: 27th Sep 2018  |  Share this Article:

Ok. So you have made the decision to leave your current role for pastures new. Congratulations!

There are several reasons why you should develop a career plan either you have left your current role, want to leave or have just decided to take charge of your career journey.

To reinforce how important this process is – we spend approximately 71% of every year at work – yikes!

Step 1:  Who are you Рthe self assessment

Personality: your traits, motivations, strengths, weaknesses, likes and dislikes.
Values: your ideas and beliefs that are important to you and guide you through all aspects of your life.
Interests: the things that you enjoy doing.
Environment: the type of environment that you thrive in, outdoors, indoors, noisy, quiet, big corporation, small start up.

Step 2: What is my ideal role – career exploration

Based on your answers from the self assessment this will help you explore the type of industry that interests you and the roles that you should apply for. Hopefully, the self assessment will help you realise that you don’t have to do an identical type of role. As an assistant there are so many variations of the role in addition to the core tasks, events, finance and budget management, social and digital marketing, PR, training and development, the list and skills of many assistants are impressive but under utilised. Look for roles that offer different types of challenges, more responsibilities and use the skills you have. You have heard, I’m sure of the adage ‘You use it or lose it’. If you have identified a skills gap for a role you are particularly interested in please do not write it off. Investigate whether the skills can be picked up via on the job training or whether you need to gain a qualification/further education. Both options are viable, gaining a qualification is more accessible than ever with e-learning companies, such a, Udemy as well as open university courses.

Step 3: Making the decision

Did you know the career planning process should never end. A career plan should be looked at and revised constantly. Start to compare options and think about what suits you. Your career, your rules. What things will you compromise on and what are things that are important to you. This is where you do some of your own research regarding the type of companies you want to work for. Suggestions such as:
Training and development schemes/opportunities.
Does the company match with my skills, values and interests.
The culture and environment

Step 4: Action

How do I get to where I want to be. By taking action. You have put in a lot of ground work, breaking down what you want from a career. Now you need to go out there and start looking and researching for your ideal role. Remember there are several platforms to help you find that opportunity, including your network, professionally and personal, recruiters, job boards, contacting employers directly. With the research, planning  and investment you have done Рyou are ready to go.




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Vivien Edwards

Written by

Vivien Edwards

Cornerstone42 founder

Vivien has nearly 20 years administrative experience covering project and event management, recruitment, training and development, mentorship and supervisory for other admins.

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