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Posted: 8th Sep 2015  |  Share this Article:

Hello everyone!

After a summer of reflection I am really excited as I have decided to take my journey to the next level and give something back!

With nearly 20 years admin experience I really feel able and confident to share my knowledge and experiences with others.

I want to be part of the new dawn that the EA/PA/VA profession are experiencing, organisations and individuals are finally realising how valuable we are and the positive impact we have on the business.

As of today, I am in the business of providing (free) help, guidance and support to anyone who reaches out to me either via tweet or email.

Knowledge is power and one of the most powerful things you can do with power is to share.

Looking forward to our collaboration!.

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Vivien Edwards

Written by

Vivien Edwards

Cornerstone42 founder

Vivien has nearly 20 years administrative experience covering project and event management, recruitment, training and development, mentorship and supervisory for other admins.

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