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Invest in yourself!

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Posted: 18th Jul 2015  |  Share this Article:

“To invest in yourself is the best investment of all”.

So why do we rarely take heed of this well versed statement.

This investment will benefit you personally and professionally in equal measure.
I believe if we take the time and energy to do both we can become even more fulfilled in our lives which will make a difference to our quality of life, well-being and success.

Let’s start with you.

Health Check:
When was the last time you had a health MOT, and was tested for blood pressure, cholesterol, gender specific tests and general fitness. Hmmm, exactly. Although obvious, it is really important to look after yourself. Take the time out of that busy schedule and make that appointment. A healthy body paired with a healthy mind, makes a difference to everything we do and will help you deal with the everyday stresses from home and work more effectively.

There are appropriate and relevant exercises available for everyone. You don’t necessarily have to join a gym. As an example a lunchtime walk can be fulfilling both physically and provides a welcome mental break away from the desk and work environment. A jog/run for 20 minutes is extremley beneficial, go alone or encourage a group run with colleagues.¬† Personally, I found yoga particularly helpful for core strength and mental focus.

I know so many of us can’t afford to take the time out from work because they are too busy, or perhaps they have no work cover, worried what the boss/colleagues might say etc. We really need to adjust our mindset if it was boss or your colleague’s do you think they would worry about what you would think if they had a medical appointment?. If this really is an issue for you book the first appointment of the day or the last. There is always a way. For the fitness/exercise element – you are actually more productive if you take a break from¬† the desk, and if you can partner the break with a form of exercise, fantastic. The first objective is to get you to step away from your desk for a period of time.

Look after number one invest in you!

Defined as a mental or emotional state of well being defined by positive or pleasant emotions ranging from contentment to intense joy.

Happiness for me is extremely important, for a fact I know there are many people who are not happy in one or both areas of their lives.

The only person who can reverse this feeling is you.

It is important to ask yourself some key questions which are applicable to both professionally and personally, if helpful write down the answers and revisit them.

1. What or whom is making me unhappy?
2. Why does it/she/he make me unhappy?
3. What action do I need to take to make me feel happy again?.

Hopefully the questions above can help you start to assess what the real issue is.

Take the time and invest in you!.

My next post will talk about how to adapt to a new boss.

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Vivien Edwards

Written by

Vivien Edwards

Cornerstone42 founder

Vivien has nearly 20 years administrative experience covering project and event management, recruitment, training and development, mentorship and supervisory for other admins.

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